€463m paid over regarding Local Property Tax in 2016, over 95% of people complying.

€463m was paid in Local Property Tax to the Revenue last year, an average compliance rate of 97%.

This is similar to previous years.

Laois had the highest compliance, 99.8% of property owners paying, the lowest compliance was in Donegal, paying just over 92%.


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This is a great opportunity to acquire either a home or a good investment in Limerick City.


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Government rent policy unfair for landlords

According to Pat Davaitt, the Chief Executive of the IPAV (Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers) the Governments strategy for the Rental Sector is very unfair to landlords and will force many landlords to pull out of the market.  The most recent legislation introduced by the government is in actual fact punishing landlords who had not  increased the rents their tenants were paying  for some time.  The reasons for not doing so were mainly because they were concerned for their welfare and were happy to have a good tenant in place.  Auctioneers and Estate agents in Limerick and the Munster region agree that this has a lot to do with the drop in  recent rent levels. Read more in the Leitrim observer.





Limerick Riverside Development proposal – A welcome boost for the City

Limerick property developer Rudi Butler of Kirkland Investments has finally gotten the go ahead from Limerick City and County Council to build €40 million 14 storey office  block in the Bishop’s Quay area of Limerick City. The Planning permission which was delayed for several months was granted on 22nd December 2016 and the proposed development which is to include 150,000 square feet of office space, 42 luxury apartments, a restaurant and cafes is hoped to commence in March 2017.  The former ESB office on Cecil street  is due to be demolished  to make way for the new development but one of the conditions to be adhered to is that the areas surrounding the Bishop’s Palace at 104 Henry Street, a listed building dating back to 1775 must be conserved. This is good news for the Construction Sector in Limerick and Auctioneers and Estate Agents in Limerick will welcome the extra office space and living accommodation that will be made available. Read more in the Limerick post

Limerick expecting a surge of new homes for 2017

It is expected that the construction sector will receive a welcome boost if two much needed housing developments one to be located in Annacotty and the other in Mungret get the green light to go ahead in 2017. Applications were made in the final two weeks of 2016 to Limerick City and County Council for 201 Homes to be built close to the South Court Hotel and another 104 houses as well as a 35 Unit three storey complex in Annacotty which is proposed to include housing provisions for the elderly and a single storey creche facility.  With the escalating housing crisis in Limerick this news is being welcomed by first time buyers.  Read more in the Limerick Leader


Large uptake on new government scheme for first time buyers

The Help to Buy Initiative which officially opened yesterday  morning is being deemed a success with revenue announcing 120 applications had been received by 1pm  and more applications were made in the afternoon. Applications can be made by registering on the Revenue website and going through the application process.  The rebate can then be claimed on either DIRT or income tax.

It is hoped that the scheme will enable first time buyers meet the Central Bank Requirements on deposits and auctioneers and estate agents in Munster are hopeful that it will bring an increase in business to Cork and Limerick as people move to the larger cities outside Dublin to set up home as a result of rising prices and lack of availabilty in the Capital. Read more at the Journal.ie